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Join our Referral Program

Invite your friends to shop at Ubuy with these 3 easy steps-


In your Ubuy Account, go to the Referral Information section.


Share the Referral Code with your friends via SMS / Email or directly send them the referral link on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and more.


Ask your friend to click on the 'invite link' or use your 'referral code' while creating an account on Ubuy.

Earn Reward Points

Get rewarded as soon as your friend Signs up/Creates an Account using your Referral Code.

Redeem Points

UBPoints will be converted to UCredits, which can be used to make future purchases on Ubuy.

Ubuy’s Referral Program - How It Works

New Joinee (Membership Benefits):

  • On Signing Up with Your Referral Code/Link

    With every new signup, 1000 UBPoints will be credited to the user account.

  • Filling Out Your Profile

    Users will be credited with 5000 UBPoints on 100% completion or filling of his/her details in their profile.

  • Subscribing to Ubuy’s Newsletter

    On subscribing to the Ubuy Newsletter, users will be rewarded with additional 500 UBPoints.

  • Membership Reward Points

    On their birthdays and anniversaries, Ubuy will award users with 100 UBPoints.

  • Every Purchase

    If the user places an order, he or she will receive 50x points on their total order amount (For eg: 50 USD order amount = 2500 UBPoints). Users will receive additional 1000 UBPoints on the first purchase they make from Ubuy platforms.

  • For information -

    1000 UBPoints = 1 UCredit = 1 USD

Refer A Friend Bonus (Membership Benefits)

Earn Credit from Friends



Get 5000 UBPoints (5 USD) on the user’s first purchase



Get 3000 UBPoints (3 USD) on the user’s second purchase



Get 2000 UBPoints (2 USD) on the user’s third purchase



You will receive 1000 UBPoints (1 USD) on each subsequent purchase that your friend makes from their account.

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 mobile number is valid per account.
  • The rewarded points can only be used to purchase items online from Ubuy.
  • Reward points will be expired in 20 days from the date of credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Earn points like magic. Login to your user account and share your referral code with your close friends and relatives. With each successful referral, both the referee and the referred will be rewarded with points that can be used to purchase anything on Ubuy's platform.
UCredits are a form of virtual money that a shopper can use to make purchases on Ubuy. Earned UBPoints can be converted into UCredits, which can then be used to make purchases from any of Ubuy’s international stores. 1000 UBPoints = 1 UCredit = 1 USD
The referee can earn up to 5000 UBPoints when the referred person signs up. The awarded points will range from 1000 to 5000 UBPoints (Points are awarded immediately upon using the referral code). A user can earn a maximum of 25000 UBPoints. There is, however, no limit to referring.
If a user changes his/her birth date, 100 points will be deducted from his/her account balance. Users must purchase points from Ubuy to settle the due amount if they do not have enough at the time.
Visit the Referral Information Section. Share the “invite link” or “referral code” with your friends via SMS / Email or on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and more as per your suitability and convenience.
You will be eligible for the Refer & Earn program as soon as you get registered with us.
No, you can’t gift UBPoints or UCredits to other users of Ubuy.